Make Music Monday [ BFF For Lyfe]

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Jemibook here! I've come to delight you with another Jemibook song - being that it's Make Music Monday and all over here in Florida-town and every-town for that matter.

The song for this week reminds me of something that would be on a children's television show, and that may or may not be influenced by the fact that I work @ a place where children's television is constantly playing.. either way here it is :

Sometimes the problem happens where I become such grand friends with someone that I end up falling for them romantically [regardless of sex] and I have to try and keep my romantic feelings towards them held back so as not to ruin the incredible friendship. That's the gist of this song, it kind of sounds to me as if it's spoken from the angle of a middle-school girl or something, but I really like to do all of those things now.. with my friends and best friends. Although I can never recall ever saying 'BFF for Lyfe' or the like, but I just thought that it was fitting for this song title.

In other Music/Jemibook related news. My show was this past Saturday. My First show ever, that I had been worrying/going crazy/practicing way too much/ and talking about endlessly was this Saturday. And this Saturday has come and gone, thankfully.. I feel soo much more relieved about life in general without that lingering over my head. How did it go.. well to quote my friend Cara who attended it was "Magical". I won't really go into more detail about it until I get my pictures back from the store so I can give you guys the whole feel of the show and everything because it's necessary for the whole effect, but I got good feedback from it but I know I could do better. . and I also have some grand ideas for any other kind of show that I may pursue in the future, I just have to contact some people to get it in to play.

Also I will be selling the Cd's that I have left over along with some other Jemibook goodies/swag to go along with it, they will be $7 which includes postage, if you are interested you can email me @ [ ] or just comment on this page or my myspace, I'm open to different forms of communication.

What's in store for Jemibook now that the show is over, I have a few ideas up my sleeve for a sort of subscription thing that I would like to start where you would get a cd/tape of all the music that I create over here on my blog bimonthly along with some other Jemibook swag that I'm always making and a newsletter of sorts. I also just received my new fancy Moleskin so I'll be putting all of my music into it just in case something happens with my computer again !

Hope you all have an incredible week and don't get trampled at the stores!

Much Love,



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