This week has been amazing for me.
Well the past month has been pretty great I must say.
I've been inspired over and over again by people whom I've grown to love, and people whom I'm just getting to know.
I'm loving and basking in it.

Here are some of the things that have been making me smile constantly.

Liz - whom I will be seeing in Less than Two weeks has been inspiring me with her lovely face and hospitality. I see endless possibilities of girly nights and creative food endeavors with this gal, and can't wait to meet her and start splashing the world with color.

1984 - A band which includes lovely friends of mine is among one of my bigger musical inspirations. I'm in awe of Javier's talents and bask in what they have put together for our listening pleasure.

Well Dressed Ladies like Piksi. She is always impeccably dressed and the pieces she has in her arsenol are drool worthy like this combination above I would die for a skirt like that. And it also helps that I'm having a love affair with Mustard Yellow right now.

Pink or Rainbow Colored hair. Makes me want to go and buy a black bob wig and dye my hair some unnatural lime green or something equally as cruel.

Inspirational Blogs such as Zen Habits, this in particular from one of his newest posts inspired me :

"4. Plan your perfect life. What would your life be like if you had no restrictions? I’m not talking about living in a McMansion or flying around in jet planes, but what would make you happy. A good step: pick the 4-5 most important things in your life, and build your perfect life around those things, eliminating most of the rest if possible. Plan that perfect life, and then plan the first few steps you need to take to get there. Now schedule those first steps over the next week, including one today. It feels amazing to start taking action on making your life the way you want it to be."

I try to read his blog every morning and it usually helps me start off the day much more productive and happier.

Running - After saying that I wanted to exercise and such for almost the entire year this week I actually stopped saying that I would and started doing it. Running has been incredible especially with the Autumn weather running rampant around Jacksonville, It's nice to soak in the environment through my opened pores and lungs.

Dan in Real Life- I was able to see it last night and LOVED it.. it may be a little obvious chick-flick/family film and maybe it was just what I needed/wanted to see lately but I loved it. Some of the scenes in it were dead-on to things that have happened in my life and I found myself [ one of 3 people in the theater] laughing a lot Steve carrel really is fantastic. Movies always inspire me in one way or another this was one of those movies that reminded me of that feeling of when you meet someone new and things just CLICK and everything just comes so naturally and so enthusiastically, sometimes we forget things like that about meeting new people and it's a great experience to always remember and anticipate again.

Moleskin - The Mini Watercolor Moleskin I ordered with my GiftCard came in today and has filled me with such happiness for it's miniature pages. I've already developed an idea of a small story that I'm planning on doing, I've been working out character sketches in my notebook but it's a bit of a secret surprise for some special people in my life so I can't share it right now. But soon enough.

What's Doing it for you lately?

Much Love,


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