Make Music Monday [Late Edition] * Updated*

So I'm just going to post on top of this post.
Today, [Tuesday] horrible I know. I re-did the song onto two tracks, and actually messed around a bit more and added some extra specials into the song.. it makes me laugh and smile so I think I did a good job with the extra parts. Here it is for your listening pleasure.

I think the extra special part kind of makes it sound a bit like a Magnetic Fields song, although I have a love/hate relationship with their music.

I can't wait till the day where I can actually get my things professionally recorded. I wonder what it will sound like. My ex roommate-Daniel told me that my recordings don't capture my voice very well and that he likes listening to me live much better. So I wonder if other people feel that way also about my music.

Also a strange conversation happened to me last night, I was singing while I was working and one of my co-workers asked the color of my boyfriend.. . and at first I was kind of taken-aback because I couldn't see the connection. . and then she said that she only asked because I was singing a lot of 'black' songs and I had to laugh. Mostly because [1] it's pretty ridiculous the amount of racial comments that come out of the people that I work with and [2] because i never considered what I listened to, to come with a color I just grew up with the base of these songs and then expanded upon them when I came upon other similarly sounding music that let me get down or sing my tears out. I must admit that the likes of Otis Redding / Marvin Gaye / or Barry White at any given time can help me do either of those things. I am extremely appreciative to have been introduced to them at a point in my life.

Strange. Oh well. Hope you have a great day.

Much Love,


I'm late! I'm late! for a very important date!
Well.. today was crazy, plus i stayed on the phone talking too long and I haven't been able to do a proper separate track recording of this new song for this week's Make Music Monday but I promise to do it tomorrow, if you'll forgive me. but here is this week's Song.

The Beginning of this song came to me early last week while I was listening to a slew of music on my ipod while I worked. That and the fact that I was reading a book on 1920's Flappers probably helped a bit. It's not about anyone in my life sadly. More of what I hope one day for my future, that I'll be sitting somewhere away from my lover and realize that I want to share every possible beautiful moment of life with them, loving them regardless of any little thing that would have bothered me in past relationships. Plus I think eloping is one of the most romantic things a couple can do together to cement their relationship. Or maybe Weddings just make me nervous.

Either way. I promise to edit this post tomorrow with more good Make Music Monday stuff and a better recording. or at least the best I can do through the mini hole in my Ibook's Screen, but who's complaining. :p


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