Icing Day!

Yesterday I Celebrated Icing Day [ invented by the amazing Gala Darling ].

Icing Day this time around was I <3 . . .

So I celebrated the day with things that I <3 of course. Like Dressing Up, My Ukulele, The Beatles, Good Friends, Music, Dancing, Hot Tea, Street Performing, The Autumn Weather, Lovely Parks, Driving while Blasting the Spice Girls, Fake Hair, Extravagant Outfits and makeup, Great Shopping Deals, and meeting new people.

I started The Day off by Putting on some Beatles and Arranging my outfit/hair and makeup to make me appear as some sort of Panda for my Photoshoot later in the day.

Then The Uke and I headed off to M.A.C. in the mall to pick up some make-up essentials and the lovely Makeup Artist Jeanne hooked me up and redid my whole face with all M.A.C. products I love how it turned out.

After that I did a little shopping and found that Hot Topic was having an amazing Sale, and I managed to pick up this Deery Lou Purse that I had been coveting since I knew it existed for only $6 !! It's the perfect size and I've been wanting a translucent Purse so that I could find things easily and tape my to-do lists to the inside of it.

After that I headed off to the Library where I had a mini Photoshoot and picked up a few books. Walked around downtown and saw an amazing Window Display, and took a few shots and did a little bit of street performing.

Off to my favorite Park [ Memorial Park in Jacksonville ] where I snapped a few photos and basked in the beautiful day.

The Uke and I picked up some Hot Green Tea from Starbucks after that and relaxed on a bench and played a full set of my music for anyone who passed by the intersection.

Home after that where Cara came over and I changed and we were going to go to the Beach but randomly decided to go and get pierced together and it was amazing and super fun. She got her nose pierced and I got my septum pierced. Which I was really happy about because I had been wanting to get it done for a few months now after someone told me that they thought it would look good on moi.

After that it was a quick stop to home and then off to the Eclipse which was Cara's first time going for the 'Factory' aka 'Goth' night they have on Saturday nights. But it also was the After Party for this thing called Tallyrand Festival that they had earlier in the day, so outside they were playing some indie-like music and inside was Industrial music so I was loving it. I got down so much saw some old friends, met some new friends and had a blast.

We left sometime around 3am and I headed off home and fell asleep in my warm little bed and had the best Icing Day ever!

I have some video footage from the day, that I will maybe put up tomorrow for Make Music Monday.

Hope you all had a great Icing Day.

Much Love,


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