Make Music Monday [ Dual Plays ]

So you are in Luck this fine Monday. I'm serving up a double dose of Jemibookness.
Two songs this week. One song was planned, one song was a stir of the emotions.

This song was in response to certain conversations I've had with people throughout my life. Some people get so caught up in all the bad things in the world that they end up seeing everything with a bitter-taste. Everyone has to have a hidden agenda and every place is corrupt. I personally don't live like that, I acknowledge and know there are plenty of awful things going on throughout the world on a constant basis but I'd rather, instead of playing more attention to it, start my own brand of joy and happiness that could possibly help someone who may choose to send bad vibes somewhere send good vibes instead. I'd like the influences I give out and conversations that I have be about seeing the silver-lining in things instead of the bad. Call me an optimist.

This song, on the other hand, is a sappy-sappy-song about Love. Love that you screw up on royally and you wish if they just gave you another chance you'd happily spend the rest of your life making it up to them.

I swear I could write a million songs about my personal relationships, but I'd hate to feel that most of them were sad songs. I think that's just because I've always turned to a good-sad song everytime I'm feeling low about a relatinship and so I relate to them more towards love than happy songs, depressing I know. But I'm trying to change that.. I think I did well with my last song [Elope] so we're on some sort of track I believe.


I"ll see you next weeeeeeek!

Much Love,


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