Make Music Monday [ Strange Days ]

Allo My Lovelies!
Jemibook here!
So if you haven't already received an invite. I am having my very first live performance ever!

It'll be December 15th 2007, 4pm @ Memorial Park in Jacksonville, FL.
For more details you can check out the event Post over at Myspace

Right now I'm really excited about it and I've been practicing my set-list that I shall be playing on a daily basis. I have a few things planned for the day, cupcakes and some cd's to give out. I'm going to work on the cd's while I'm doing all this traveling this week.

Which I'm also very excited about. I'm going to Minneapolis on Thursday to visit my grand friends up there and to check out the place, I've been considering moving up there and I'd like to see how things are.. other than freezing my ass off!

Now now now now.. yes! it's Make Music Monday.. so where's the music.. well it's right here ::

It's called 'Cult Following Fortunes" [I noticed they changed the format of the player, it should be the last one on the list I believe]
This song.. . well to explain plainly I've been busy and distracted this week, but early in the week I started fiddling around with my Uke and came up with the music part of it and I just knew that, that had to be in the song for this week, no matter what lyrics or whatever I came up to go with it. The Piano part in the beginning is on this little dinky keyboard that I love that I received from my best lady, Anastasia. Now the lyrics. I was struggling with for most of the day, I had a few things bogging me down today when I was trying to think of lyrics and I really didn't want to write a song about that, so after a bit of back and forth I came up with what I did.. which is about meeting someone, clicking and talking about strange things, and being inseparable for what seems like forever, and simultaneously not, and thinking how did you get into this, but letting yourself fall into it anyways.

Sometimes when I'm writing these explanations I wonder what other people think the song is about, or what they take from it.

Also ended up going to a show last night. To see a band I never thought that I would be able to see.

[Melt Banana]

They were spectacular, the crowd was really into it, and it was a really big turn out for Jacksonville I was suprised. I had listened to them when i was still living in orlando back in 2003. and 5 years later I get to see them in Jacksonville what are the odds?

also the first band was also pretty interesting


[ I couldn't find a link for their music online, sadly]
The name was a bit strange because of the movie that just came out. But they had really great costumes, and a lot of energy, and I liked the way he sang some parts of the songs made me wish I had a band to sing with so I could have more options like that.

I'll bundle this in here also.

Books for this week

The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook : David De Rothschild

Info : "The book presents 77 essential skills for stopping climate change--and for living through it. It is a fun, compelling, and sly deconstruction of a survival guide (think Boy Scouts of America crossed with WorldChanging atop the Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook) that offers equal parts tongue-in-cheek suggestions, practical advice, factual information, and bluesky dreaming of ways to save the world."

My Why: i must admit the cover was eye-catching but after seeing documentaries on Global Warming and noticing it locally in Florida I definitely want to be part of the population who participates in minimizing the threat of Global Warming, and I'm hoping this book will teach me some tricks that I don't know.

The Escape Artists : Joshua Piven

Info: "or nine years, New York Times bestselling author Joshua Piven has been tracking down and interviewing alligator wrestlers, race car drivers, giant octopus hunters, animal trackers, and treasure hunters. What drives these escape artists to make job choices that are extraordinary, dangerous, or just plain wacky? They don't “drop out”; they embrace self-fulfillment and personal freedom as they craft a life on the road less traveled-and show all of us how to pursue our own dreams…if we dare."

My Why : I have plenty of obsessions and I'd love to be able to turn one of them into my career, for instance, making music, if not making my own doing something fun in the industry would be amazing, i'm hoping to get some insight into some other strange jobs

Popular Music of the 20's : Ronald Pearsall

Info : "The 1920s's was an exciting time for popular music. The pioneer days of the gramophone were over and electrical recording precipitated the age of hi-fi. The talking, singing picture arrived, and the most important, the 1920's saw the introduction of the radio. To start with, radio was just a fad. The wireless was expensive and reception poor, but it soon proved to be the most epoch-making invention of the age."

My Why : I la-la-love! the 1920's. I'm super fascinated in it, and this book was just in the area of books that I was happening upon and I snapped it up, it also some some great photographs in it also, wish I had a scanner to show you.

Song Writer's Market : Ian Bessler

Info: " Songwriter’s Market lifts the veil around the music industry to teach aspiring songwriters about the inner workings of the business. In addition to the market listings, there’s nearly 100 pages filled with articles and interviews that shed light on every corner of the music world. Readers will learn from working songwriters, film composers, producers and even record executives."

My Why: I know absolutely nothing about promoting myself in the music business, I don't know how to get a show booked or what people to talk to, to do anything to get my things recorded, or produced, anything. So I'm hoping this book will give me some insights into things that I am interested in being knowledgeable on before I have to deal with them.

Longest Blog Entry ever I swear, but It's been a week since I last updated and I felt it was overdue!

Hope you all have a great week and if I don't see you before next week have a great Turkey Day!

Much Love,


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