Gee.. I like how you dress!

So this post is randomly inspired by Gala Darling's latest post. About Favorite Aesthetics. I have quite a lot, but I'll list a few:

1. Pink Ballerina :~, 2. Amy Winehouse, 3. Lo and Dan, 4. pink herrr, 5. Hotel Chevalier, 6. a beard story, 7. Shawn, 8. Aaron Nestor aka pretty boy, 9. The Hives, 10. Annie Hall, 11. Hair on fire, 12. Modlike, 13. Robert Smith Once Styled My Hair, 14. sean lennon, 15. The.Royal.Tenenbaums.DVDRip.DivX-DVL - (07.34.20), 16. playakisses

[.]Rainbow Colored Hair
[.]Distinct Personal Looks, like Amy Winehouse
[.]Period Dressers, complete with perfectly coiffed hair
[.]Uber Cute Japanese Girls who put hairclips in their hair when they don't need them
[.]People who can pull off really short hair, ala Natalie Portman
[.]Glasses or Beards, combined = a deadly swoon for me
[.]Boots on boys
[.]Sweater Vests.
[.]The Slick looks of boys in all black with a bright skinny tie to match
[.]Annie Hall-esque looks
[.]Out of Control Drag Queens, I love obscene wigs and faux eyelashes
[.]Girls who wear Faux Eyelashes, especially Twiggy-like
[.]Huge hair, think Robert Smith
[.]Men in Vintage Sunglasses
[.]Tennis Headbands and WristBands, especially if they are Personalized

Let's keep this going..what do you like to look at on people?

Much Love,


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