Fruits, Friends and Funerals

This week has been out of control for me.
As I sit here typing away in the library on a Saturday Afternoon in Jacksonville, I listen as a man snores a few book-aisle's away, and ponder the events leading up to this moment of the week.

This week's 'Make-Music-Monday' started out productive as usual, but the days hurried by without time for rest.
Monday - Wednesday it was work, work work.
Wednesday Night [sometime after 11pm] I headed out for an evening of Halloween Fun as I dressed as Amy Winehouse

Thursday I ran errands and drove down to Palm Coast, to meet at my adopted families house and meet up with my woman, Anastasia.

The meeting was on sad terms, and Friday we attended the funeral of David Cohen, which was a very beautiful ceremony but it was horrible to see Larissa a mess like she was.

Being there and staying the night there put a bit of a spin on how I've been living my life now, that house always leaves me feeling better/healthier about myself, the natural foods and recipes that flow from that family is probably something that I always wanted in my family-life and thus I was always there, that and I considered Anastasia my kindred spirit for the entire 7 years we've known one another.

I returned home with a renewed sense of Body-consciousness and promptly bought some grapes to help fill the void of natural foods in my life, and reclaimed my original thought about taking up running 3 times a week so I can retain some sort of an exercise regimen and not just rely on my metabolism to stabilize my weight for the rest of my days.

I'm still a bit burnt out on the past week and know that I'm in need of some serious downtime to get used to my new place and such, but I'm trying to manage it all as it comes and hopefully not break apart soon.

Musically it's been a great week, I randomly had two songs come to me while working this week and am excited to present them in the weeks to come.

Hope everyone's week has been eventful.

Much Love,


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