Finished the re-organiaztion of my house/room yesterday.
Here is a picture of my outfit from today with my new redone wall.

Last Night went out to a show that my Lover's band was playing at.

Buffalo Tears

There were also two other bands playing who turned out to be amazing.

The Mondellos

Thee Crucials

Thee Crucials were also giving out free copies of their Records which I was excited to receive even if I don't have a record player to use them on. It'll become a collector's item I'm sure!

It was a superb time, I've never gotten into a band that I never knew existed until I went to the venue. They were really fun and had some great moves, the music was right up my alley and the band members were really pleasant, easily accessible people which I never feel that most bands are. I ended up being asked up on stage twice which was a first for me [ other than the peelanderZ show, but they ask everyone on stage].

Today I was a bit productive and headed off to Memorial Park in Jacksonville to watch a bit of soccer but to mostly draw some, I worked on my character eyes and then made this stationary for my friend Javier's present for his birthday coming up on Hallow's eve.

I plan on coloring it in with watercolors this week. I am practically finished with the other piece for Wil but I want to get it framed but I can't afford a DAMN thing right now, sadly so I'll have to wait until I have some cash flow coming in that doesn't just cover bills, what a waste!

Much Love,


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