Make Music Monday [ Blog Action Day Version ]

This week's Make Music Monday is in correspondence with Blog Action Day.
Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

I signed up to be a part of Blog Action Day where all bloggers get together once a year to write on a specific topic, this year it was [ Environment ] .

So, of course it being Make Music Monday over here at Jemibook's : Life Lessons, I decided I would make a song as my way of talking about one issue I feel is horribly disregarded unless it comes up in the news randomly, and they are one of my favorite imagery of all time, I've spent many-a-days staring into the mass of leaves and branches that all the trees in my yards growing up have allowed me to.

This song is written in the point of view of a Tree who has been mis-treated by his long lost friend, and telling their friend that they won't put up with being treated like they are nothing any longer.

And well, i'm not tree-hugger or anything extreme like that. But I defintely feel a spirit among nature that most people can coldly avoid in their sterile living spaces. I try to take a moment when I'm driving home from work to appreciate a cool breeze or if i'm lucky enough to drive down a tree covered passageway gaze upon how the light shines through the limbs onto the ground below.

A great place to go in Jacksonville, FL is Memorial Park, they really have done a great job at preserving a bit of nature in an otherwise Pavement Driven city. I'm sure there are other places I'm unaware of, but it's worth going for a picnic or a bike-ride to visit.

Well that's all for this week's Make Music Monday, I hope you can all take something from it!

Much Love,


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