Yesterday I spent some time @ the Laundromat doodling.
Lately I've been more into Portrait drawing. But I found my old sketchbooks that I've had throughout my life and most of my drawings are of random characters. I tried my hand at free-drawing while I was at the Laundromat and here are what I came up with.

I was experimenting with some new ways of drawing Eyes. Because in my portraits that I've been doing lately I've been omitted iris'. I'm not exactly sure if it was purposeful or not yet, but I don't want to draw Iris' in the portraits that I'm doing, but characters definitely need eyes.

On another note, my outfit from yesterday was inspired by the pink ring that I had found on the ground at my work the other day. i don't normally wear leggings as pants so that was a bit of a change for me. I'm horribly afraid of ever having 'camel-toe' so anything that I think could remotely do that I try to stay away from.

I'm currently in the process of revamping my House, minimizing everything in my eye-space so that I can be more productive. It's making me feel less anxious about getting things done, thus far. I'm also going to be looking for a new second job later this week, so wish me good luck.

Have a lovely weekend.

Much Love,


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