Off day of an outfit.

I actually had time in this busy day to put together a little something something in the clothing department.
Here was my outfit from today.

Jacket : Thrifted
Shirt : Express
Skinny Jeans : Express
White Scarf: Gift
Hat : Thrifted
Boots : Gifted

Wore this out to an impromptu lunch with my lover and a little video game playing at the arcade.

Tomorrow is Wednesday already I'm super pleased.

Also I've been listening to this song pretty much on repeat since the first time I heard it a few weeks ago.

Chris Garneau : Not Nice

You can Check out some of his other music on his Myspace. I'd really love to hear him and Rufus Wainwright get together and do some musical magic together, that would be heaven for my ears.

p.s. redyed my hair.

Red Hot Red on top, and then rebleached the underside it's a lot more blonde than previously I'm pleased.

Off to bed hope you all had a fabulous day.

Much Love,


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