So as long as I've been making music, I've still yet to play a formal event.
I originally conceived this idea of making music for my own enjoyment, and to do a little bit of street-performing. But It evolved into something that I really felt that I could do for the rest of my life with joy, and decided I wouldn't really mind sharing it with a large enough audience if they would have me.

But the problem still lingers that I've yet to play an actual show. It frightens me actually. I've been practicing my songs a lot this summer in part for my upcoming professionally recording some of my songs, and I thought it would give me the boost to go out and play some real shows, but I'm still waiting for the available time to record.

So what sparked this post? Randomly today I received a message from a venue asking me if I'd fill a spot at a show this Saturday. Immediately after reading it I became tense and a bit nervous, as if I had already said yes and the show was looming to happen this Saturday.

I've had recommendations to try playing at an open mic night to get myself used to playing in front of a group of strangers on a stage, but I haven't had the time off to do so. Yes I know all of this sounds like excuses but it's a really big step for me.

My only memory of ever playing an instrument in front of a room full of people with me on the spot was sometime in Middle school for my piano recital and I messed up in the middle of it, so I've always been a bit weary about playing instruments in front of groups, as for the singing part of it I've always been confident about my singing ability and sing in public all the time, so that isn't much of my concern.

I suppose the only real answer to it all is to practice, practice, and practice until there is no possibility of messing up regardless of the situation. I think I need a bit more of that before I play a show, but I'd like to check out this venue in case I feel like playing in Lake City, FL

Much Love,


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