Lazy Saturday

Good Afternoon,Evening.

On a lazy rainy-day I often find myself organizing things throughout the house or playing dress-up.

Today I participated in a little bit of both - organized my closet a bit, and went out and visited my local Sally's and picked up some supplies to redye my hair.

After a bit of that and a visit from the postman An Evening with Kevin Smith showed up at our door :

Found some fancy chocolates @ Target the other day and peeled them open. If you are into Kevin Smith films [ i.e. Clerks, MallRats, Chasing Amy. . etc. ] you should check out 'An Evening with Kevin Smith' and the Sequel to it, they are great for a laugh. I watched them a few years ago and haven't watched them since, it's nice to revisit old movies on rainy days.

Also watching movies you've already seen are great for being productive with art projects, so I worked a bit more on my Wil Murray appreciation.

The gold process is taking a bit longer than I had anticipated, but turning out wonderfully. I'm getting excited about working on my next piece after this.

Sometimes I get out and participate in the social life. . maybe later.

Much Love,


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