I Love the Library.

So I moved to my current place of residence a few months ago and I had yet to get my address changed on my license, which was inhibiting me being able to get a Library Card in this county. Which is a crime in itself because Jacksonville, for things it seems to be lacking in some places, makes up for it in it's abundance of Libraries, they have a most beautiful one in the downtown area which I had been scoping out and visiting on several attempts without getting any books mind you.
But today was the day! I got my Library Card!

I had to go and get my address changed on my license first, and they made me take a new picture.. i was so unprepared, check out my mugshot above.. but what is worse is my signature I was so aghast when I saw it printed on the card. So in retaliation of my awful signature I picked up some books.

I only looked in the new items section this time [ they have over 3 stories of books/magazines/movies/music/etc.etc.etc.etc.] to choose from it's a bit overwhelming and exciting all at the same time [I'll take pictures next time]. So in the new items section they had these three books all of things that I've been currently researching on my own online in the past 5 months or so, needless to say I was pleased.

Flapper : Joshua Zeitz
If you check out my StyleMob account you can check out when my addiction for 20s culture and Flappers in general occurred - watch for the amazing finger waved hair.

Teach Yourself Better Handwriting : Rosemary Sassoon
Handwriting, well I've been working on it bit by bit all my life, watching others write and being at awe of their neatness or spacing, mine was mostly adapted from hurrying to finish my work before everyone else in class when I was younger.

Blog Wild! A Guide for Small Business Blogging : Andy Wibbels

BLOGGING?!well.. before this Blog, I used to use Livejournal for MANY years. I believe from 2002-2006. .I advertised for a lot of my Jem Inc wares on there and had a good time with it. Now-a-days I've been getting into Blogging in a different way, I've been noticing how it has evolved and I'm interested in doing more with it myself.

I also picked up a few Dvd's for when I have an hour or two to kill this weekend, and I don't want to go out and spend money.

The Hours

Million Dollar Baby

I Shot Andy Warhol

I can't wait to dig into everything, it's like my birthday with all of these fantastic gifts.

What have you picked up @ your local Library lately?

Much Love,


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