So I contemplated and went through many-a-ideas of what I wanted to be for this Halloween. Mostly because I would be able to celebrate it this year on multiple occasions and wanted something that would be able to work well multiple times.

I ended up with deciding on being 'Amy Winehouse' for Halloween

It was a bit of an easy one for me because I already had a beehive wig that I coincidentally got earlier this year before I had even started listening to Amy, I think it was FATE! I just had to buy some Winehouse gear and make some hair extensions for my wig because her hair is much longer than the wig that I purchased. I'm basing my Amy look off of her in this picture, it will be complete with faux-arm tattoo's, shorts, gold belt, white T, huge Gold earrings, and heels of course.

I also picked up an amazing striped hoodie @ Old Navy for $4 ! I'm kind of coveting stripes right now [specifically black and white] so I was thrilled.

It's been raining all day again, so this is perfect for this weather. And I must admit that the rain has been trying very hard to put me in a bad mood but I'll just stipple it away.

Progress on my drawing from Sunday :

What are you doing for Halloween????

Much Love,


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