I don't know about everyone else, but Flickr is a huge creative bubble that the internets lets you search easily. I do it on a daily basis and I post my own creative influences through my digital camera mostly.

Here is a little collage I put together of some inspiring photos I found online.

Top : From Stephanie's Blog [ ]
Phil Noto's Art [ ]
Cupcake Art from [ ]
Lovely Photo off of my friend Wil Murray's Facebook Account
Another Photo from Stephanie's Blog [ ]
The Last Photo I forgot where I found it from sadly but it's lovely.

To help my outfit making process and to not make repeats I take photos of my outfits and add them onto my account, lately I've taken detailed photos of my outfit for the finite details of it and I found it to be pretty inspiring in itself, here are a few of my latest ones.

Also this past week I've been getting back on the ball with sketching and watercolors a lot more. I've started a proper start on this piece.

This is the 2nd process.
1st was me drawing it with my fancy mechanical pencil.
Then I went and had it photocopied at Fedex-Kinko's.
Now I'm using my Fancy Crayola Watercolors and painting it.
Next step is Color Copy of this, then inking, then another color copy, and then the gold process. I'm excited about it.
It originally was just going to be a little sketch to send to Wil as an addition to a letter, but I got a bit carried away I based it mostly off of what I know of his personality and his art, I'm always inspired by his work and would love to have one of his pieces at my Casa, can't wait to finish it and send it off to him.

Tomorrow is my very first Make Music Monday which I will be starting from here on out to keep my creative juices flowing and to help me grow as a musician. I can't wait to get to work on it.

See ya tomorrow!
Much Love,


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