International Zine Month (Day 17) Review a Zine

Day 17 : Review a zine online or write a review to share.

I love these challenges because they make me break into parts of zine-culture that I have never partaken in before. Such as zine-reviewing.

I've chosen to review 'Healing your Magical Body with Plants and Minerals' by jo-jo sherrow

As a person who is always looking for a natural way to heal any ailment I loved the idea of this zine.

Firstly I will say that I love the illustrations throughout the zine and that it is completely hand-written as well - which is something I usually do in my zines.

It is very well laid out and contains a table of contents and bibliography - which is quite professional in my opinion.

She goes through the entire body - each system and body part and gives you recipes / tips for herbs to use to help certain ailments.

As a woman I liked the pages about how to help cramps naturally because I always preemptively just pop an aleve before I get those life altering pains every month.

She explains how to use tinctures - how to makes your own, as well as infused oils, herbal infusions, and aromatherapy. She presents them in an easy concise way - so you can get started right away. These are all things I have been interested in for awhile but always felt so daunted by trying to develop my own for at home use. I feel like I can get started making my own with her directions.

I feel that Jo-Jo does an excellent job presenting the material expected in this manual and I am happy to have it in my collection - and would highly recommend it to anyone just starting out with natural healing - or interested in it! It's a great resource to have in the home.

You can buy your own copy here on her etsy!


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