International Zine Month (Day 14) ValenZine's Day!

Day 14 : ValenZINE's Day! Write to (or your zine crush!)

So I've heard of Zine Crush and thought that it was a cute idea - but after looking at the submissions - I really didn't feel like I had anything to contribute. I don't really know a lot of zinesters personally other than the couple that I have met while doing zine fests. I kind of keep to myself so I didn't have any one in particular I could crush on.

Instead I decided to do an art journal page about 10 things that I LOVE. Hopefully it will do. 

I made this layout fairly quickly - used my memory to do all of my crappy lil drawings instead of sourcing images for the drawings - that's why my bike looks like the way it does.. haha. Oh I also used my Tim Holtz Distress Paint for the background. First time using his products - and I have to say it was fairly easy to put on and other than one of the pens I used I didn't have any issues writing on top of the acrylic paint!


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