Read : Brain on Fire, My Month of Madness - Susannah Cahalan

I just finished reading this book. I'm not sure where I heard about it now- but something about it struck with me and I put it on hold at the library.

Honestly I had a hard time reading this book without feeling every thing that was going on with her giving me anxiety. It was quite an uncomfortable read as I could picture myself in her situation and what would I do. 

The book is an account of the author's battle with an autoimmune disease and how she went from her normal life into a month of chaos and using therapy to get nearly back to her normal self. She uses accounts from her doctors, friends, family, video footage and her own fragmented memories to piece the story together. 

Although I did feel uncomfortable reading most of the story because of my own anxieties - it was a very exciting read - similar to watching a medical tv drama where you have to figure out what is wrong with the patient while watching (House M.D.) . 

I would recommend it to anyone who is into medical stories, or personal stories, or stories that have to do with living in New York.


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