Style Progression 2010-2012

So I thought I would put together some collages showing how my style has changed since I have been in NYC :


This was the year where I was into emphasizing my waist with sashes. Red / Black and White were my main color schemes which carried over from when I had blonde hair the year before. The entire summer all I wanted to wear were little white socks with almost every outfit. This was my first year in NYC and I worked from home so when I went out I was able to wear my heels since I wasn't on my feet all the time - and I drove every where so no long walks and waiting for the subway.


The summer was hot-hot-hot this year and I started working at Buffalo Exchange so I was commuting an hour plus to work and from work everyday - so out with my heels and into comfortable flats. Varied my hues of Red throughout the summer and gradually went with a more comfortable tom-boy/pin-up look. 


During the Fall I transitioned to what I called a 'Woodland Creature' look - with obvious carry overs from the summer. Got wild with my color and went blue. 

Winter I tried to stay as cozy as I could, wore most all of my outfits with a huge brown puffer coat over it. Stayed with pretty neutral tones and toned my hair down to brown as well.


Earlier this year I was struck by the 90s trend..I wanted a drastic change from my look and chopped off all my hair! Experimented with lots of different colors and hues.

Later in the summer and into Fall I decided on my Winter look would be inspired by Glinda from The Wizard of Oz...Lots of sparkles, pastels, and baby-girl outfits.


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