October in pictures.

Pretty pink wig and shoes from work.

Discovering that Oriental Trading still is around.

After Inventory I got a group photo with everyone since a lot of people were quitting soon after.

My new Lime Crime Lilac lipstick came in the mail!

Glitter shoes in action with my gosling jacket.

Benzie and I getting silly.

Drinking fruit juice from martini glasses.

Setting up for a work party at my house.

Having huge beers at my favorite dive bar in Williamsburg.

New sweaters!

Apology flowers in my bathroom.

Chambray dress for one.

Snap-shot from the party via Lindsay's Guts!

Shopping in Manhattan.

Contents of my purse.

Feeling witchy and Joshua's last day.

Apartment shopping was very troublesome.

My very first bread baby!

Borschin' it up with my wifey.

The puppy sweater makes it's debut.

Zombie Weekend at work.

First picture of our new place after we put down our deposit!

Watching the debate with my brothers.

I love how freakishly small I look in this one.

Marilyn Manson #2 with benzie!

Rob Zombie as well!

Ikea adventures to fill up our new place.

Another view of the new place.

Nerding out to Lord of the Rings Risk.

Cajun Mac and Cheese.

Animal dress-up weekend at work.

Starting to organize my room.

Carolyn's last day at work.

First pizza at the new place!

2nd bread baby - Walnut Strudel.

Finally have some Wildfox in my wardrobe.

Cat Woman outfit for superhero weekend at work.

Saturday before Halloween photoboothin!

Last minute Hurricane runs.

Another shot from the work party.

Running into Lindsay on the street.

Summer Snow Bunny Look for the Hurricane.

Hurricane hang-outs.

As Yolandi Visser from Die Antwoord for Halloween.

- - - - - - - - - - -

October ended up being pretty eventful and awesome - especially the part where we found a permanent place to live and I get to have my own room! November starts off with Benzie's birthday this weekend - and then our favorite holiday - Thanksgiving where we get to eat eat and eat more! 


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