Buffalo Potluck.

Last night I had a potluck party at our sublet to celebrate the collection of my co-workers who all found jobs in their field at the same time. 

No theme was given so it was a random collection of dips, salads, and quesdilla's from vegan to full on carnivorous. Many MANY bottles of wine, cherry vodka, cheap beer galore and tequila shots to share. 

I had made one of my special going-away songs for the lot of them and performed it live for the entire group - which there is a video of it on the Facebook. We played the guess who I am game - I was Courtney Love, but there were some great identities all around the house. It was quite funny trying to explain the rules to so many people at the same time. 

We eventually got a bit rowdy and had to quiet down because of the neighbors, but that is what boozin' and ice cream tofutti bars will do to you at 2am. 

The general consensus was that we need to have a potluck #2 - hopefully before we leave this sublet - since it is so accommodating to everyone and convenient in location as well.

But anyways - enough of this talking - onto the pictures! (these are from everyone's instagrams from last night)


Now just need to get the rest of the instax photos scanned and I will post them in another round-up!


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