Fall/Winter Style 2012 update.

Hello lovelies.

Lately my blog has been neglected - as is most of my creative endeavors being in this limbo of living spaces - and all of the end of summer parties happening. It's weird to live like this - and also frustrating. But I'm hoping the pay-off of my new room to myself will be worth it in the end. Currently no place set-in-stone and we will be subletting at the place we currently reside in until november, but there is talks of possibly leasing where we are now out - which would be amazing since that would require no more moving and big open spaces. But who knows.

What I do know is that I am making serious head-way on my fall/winter look every day. Here is what my waredrobe is looking like lately.

and last but not least - I scored the motherload today with this beaut.

Very excited to wear this one out, probably with my baby puppy fur cape up above once it gets a bit cooler. It is such a delicate lavender - handmade - vintage and of course fits perfectly in the bust and waist which are my problem areas for finding items to fit me...Looks like a dame of my stature was getting fancy back in her day as well. 

Well it is dreary out tonight - I'm going to sip ginger ale from a fancy glass and watch a film while I have the whole house to myself. See ya'll later!


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