2 Years in NYC

It's official it's been two years since Benzie and I rolled into NYC. We've already gone and celebrated it properly. Had dinner at one of our favorite vegan restaurants 'Wild Ginger' where we drank my favorite milky sake. Got all dolled up and headed over to a party in bushwick where I took over the playlist and made red-headed-sluts. Then to a 20-room-building eviction party. That place was entirely fucked and we were there for about 30 minutes amidst everyone destroying this enormous place until the cops showed up. We passed out soon after.

Although it has taken 2 years Benzie and I are finally doing everything we initially said we wanted to do when we first moved here. Going to all of these amazing shows [die antwoord / system of a down / and marina and the diamonds in queue!] Going to some fun and interesting parties and meeting interesting characters. Picnics, shopping sprees, working at fun jobs with equally as fun people. Eating so much amazing food, killing it at karaoke, and just being the most amazing versions of ourselves.

Although I don't have much to show for it in that video. Seems I've stopped taking video this year - and I miss having all my fun videos - so look for more video in the coming months - especially with all of the fun we have in store.


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