June Round-up

The last episode of this fantastic season of Mad Men was too good - can't wait for next season.

Wine and cheese party for two in the west village.

First time wearing this amazing Top Shop skirt to work.

Catching up with kiss @ the Commodore over icey drinks.

Randomly started writing a song - that I hope to finish at some point.

After stuffing my face at the meatball shop while waiting to meet up with benzie.

Specks of Lana Del Ray at the long awaited show we went to.

Another wine and cheese party before Lana Del Ray.

Amazing 3-layer falafel cake anastasia made for daniel's bday

With Christina and Lindsay after the Lana Del Ray show - all dressed in white.

Traveling and Nebraska - which already has a whole post dedicated to it.

One of the outfits I had planned for Nebraska that I didn't end up wearing. Also my new amazing bag - Benzie got for me.!

After rebleaching and painting my hair pink - Regan making fun of me - they should know by now I've been doing this for the past year at work.

Mow-Mow being cute by my new computer!

Missed Vinny's Pizza while I was gone, had to make up for lost time.

Debating on getting this - and Eugenie photo-bombing my picture.

Biking outfit!

Cute drawing Nebraska made of me, that reminded me of Bulma from Dragon Ball Z.

My Mimi from the 'Drew Carey Show' inspired outfit.

Skate Bitches inspired outfit.

Anytime it's too hot I whip out this pretty Unif skirt. I tried to mock the colors with my make-up.

Amazing accessory finds at work!

Had a bunch of work meetings, projects, and presentations to make and do this month. So I made these collages for one of the things. We've got a bunch of fun projects we are planning on doing for the upcoming summer I am excited about - especially the in-store DIYS. Ugh--- I love my job!

Contemplating getting this dress from work - and I think I will tomorrow! P.s. loving how amazing my hair looks in this picture!

This shirt is a life saver for the summer heat!

Ended up wearing this outfit two days in a row - meeting up with James for drinks - it's weird to think we've known each other for almost 2 years now - ugh time in nyc passes soo quickly!

Screening 'Spaides' at Benzie's house.

Bikeing outfit

Decided to make a feast of food after I made a blueberry pie - had some friends over and feasted!

Headed out to Suspension after feasting - and Benzie and I ended up bumping into another friend there - hopefully found some classes to take out of it.

June went by super fast - and I honestly don't have anything planned for July other than the zine fest at the very end. But I am looking forward to moving out finally and all the rest of the year has in store for me - and the awesome concerts in August!

Peace out June!


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