New Hair.

Hey guys! Thought I would come over here to update for a bit.

 First things first - I just rebleached my roots and decided to do a change-up from my purple to go pink for a short bit.


It's a nice shade - I diluted it a bit with conditioner and mixed it with a bit of light purple to mix it up- I can't wait till it fades to more cotton candy shades - it will be even more fun with all of this curly hair that I have been doing lately.

 - - - -

 Here is a few different pictures of me having pink hair throughout my life:


With my brother in 2004 in Orlando.


(hah! I secretly love this photo more than all of the others - because it shows how far I've come with my style. This was from when my mother was still in control of what I was able to buy - then I got 'moved' to my father's and I was able to do whatever I wanted with my hair - at this point in my life all i did was  got high - went online and ate a lot of garbage food. - oh little Jem!]

 Mall @ Millennia in Orlando 2004.


[also this one makes it very apparent that I was 19]


Orlando 2004.


2005 in Chicago.

 2010 in Minneapolis. 
 - - - - - 
 It is always fun for me to compare all of my transformations - it never feels as long as it has been - but I have been dying my hair all sorts of different colors for over a decade now. It never gets old! It is going to be a glorious day today. Sunny and 79 here in New York City! I have been jonsin' to restart updating this blog again - but have been so consumed with everything going on with all of the traveling and such so - possibly once I move out of this place in August and stay with Benzie for a bit and have everything a lot more paired down I will be more clear of mind and be able to focus. Will do another update post about the trip, Lana Del Ray, and other stuff later!


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