May Round-up.


 My first time wearing my sailormoon shirt - which I've been getting tons of wear from.


 Day long adventures before going to see Marilyn Manson in Jersey.


 Wearing the top that the bf got me on his last trip to NYC.


 Fun accessories.


 Bleached my roots and it stripped the rest of my hair. Last day I ever wore this dress before I threw it away. Here are some other times I've worn it throughout the years.


 Bought this dress at work with the intention of wearing it while I was in NE but it decided to be a jerk so I sold it back after wearing it this once.


On the 5th of May, Benzie and I went to see a scary movie - had san loco and beverages and then met up with my ladies where I tried to persuade a dame to hang out with us. [p.s. those bottom two pictures were taken by my lovely coworker Lindsay - ]


 Picked up some super cheap weave - then got a root canal.


 Went for a goth look with the blonde hair one day at work.


 Made these amazing nachos for benzie and I one night.


 Went for more of an americana look the following day at work.


 A bunch of great items came in at work that I scooped up.


 Stayed at the Standard Hotel near the High Line with this great view when a friend came to town. It was a treat!


 Messy hair and decision making via instagram.


 My one year at Buffalo Exchange - they got us cupcakes and a giftcard to a delicious place in the neighborhood!


 The start of a very long fun day - I believe this was Mother's Day. We went to ikea first.


 Then we got haircuts and he got his dyed and then headed over to Pure Food and Wine.


 After that we had another appointment to get Ben's hair fixed, since the first guy botched it. I was bored so I took pix with his ipad.


 Last stop of the day - shopping spree at Trash.


 Wore my new Unif dress to work the next day.


 Yummy dinner - Also went for round 2 of root canal stuff - and picked up some witchy items at work.


 Sailormoon #2 - I was actually able to ride my bike to work on that day - It had been stupid and rainy all month long!


 Bomb Threat on the main drag in Williamsburg and a Robert Downey Jr. score!


 Favorite shirts and fancy drinks at vegan sushi restaurants.


 Regular sunday fun times in Manhattan with Benzie.


 Added diluted Manic Panic to my hair.


 The start of a bow/flower updo week and some yummy bentos.


 RDJ shirt makes an appearance - some cute purchases from work and lost and found my keys and added my old Baby Spice keychain to the mix.


 First People's Pop of the year!


 Made a special trip to the Brooklyn flea for this seller's amazing jewels.


 Petunia at Pimps and Pinups for a trim and re-dye for benzie.


 Fleet Week is my favorite time of the year!


 Memorial Day shopping @ Oak with Benzie. Super hot day!


 Became obsessed with Gifyo [ I only allow myself one a day though!]


 Took weeks of searching to find a dress that I wanted to wear to the wedding but finally found it last sunday. I will be doing a reveal soon - plus loads more pictures over on my instagram [jemibook] and tumblr [] while I am on my trip next week. Also going to Lana Del Ray the night before I fly away - Benzie and I are going to go out in style - can't wait to share it with you all. Still trying to get my perfect shade of lavender/lilac hair and I will be doing another zine fest but that will be the end of July. Lots of big plans in the near future - Going to see Die Antwoord and Marina and the Diamonds which I am also stoked about. Plus summer in NYC gets to be pretty fantastic with all of the events going on - it just needs to stop raining all the time!!! Bye for now guys!


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