My Year in Review [2011]

Describe 2011 with 3 words:
recovery, reinvent, relearn

Which concerts did you visit in 2011?
Sufjan Stevens

Where do you live now?
Bushwick - Brooklyn, NY

What happened on your birthday?

This video pretty much sums up what happened on my birthday. Benzie surprised me with my Bryanties and Wife [before they both moved here!] and all of these adventures all day long!

What was your favorite moment in 2011?
There were a few different ones, but when I was sitting on the subway and realized I no longer was afraid of having a panic attack that was pretty liberating. It was nice to start feeling independent once again.

Which one was your favorite month?

September for sure. My wife finally moved here, Bryant had moved a month or so before and we re-started $hit Yeah Girl! Went to the best show of my life for Kish's Birthday [ Sufjan Stevens]. Lots of bonding - soaking up all the summer-sun and just enjoying life!

Most influential people in 2011?

Benzie for sure. Without his constant patience for my schnanigans and all of my ridiculousness I don't know where I would turn in my time of need. He is one of the hardest working individuals I've ever met - and he is always doing more and more to exceed his life expectations. He's my best friend and the only person who knows me better than I know myself. He is also the only other person who would get excited about watching the whole 'Look who's talking now' trilogy!

Troy has been a lifeboat many times this year [I didn't know if I should put him in this spot or the 'new friends' spot.] But he has been influential to my well being a lot this year. We've been on a bunch of adventures - he's shown me around town - introduced me to a lot of fun dance parties I've become obsessed with. Is always the voice of reason when all I wanted to do was party - and he's taken care of me when I fall asleep on the subway after a long night of partying. He became part of our small circle and I'm glad the internet brought us together!

Bryanties and The Wife : Without those two I am sure I would always look like the most reckless foolish person of our bunch - but they keep me from the title. Thankfully! But no really. They are always there to try and cheer me up and work on projects - and be creative with. They are the two most creative people I know and I am always inspired by both of them.

Did you find new friends?

Mike - We met in a strange way, and it worked out really well between us. We bonded over our love for Limp Bizkit when everyone hates - dance parties all night in Philly and random road-trips in the middle of the day.

Nebraska - Technically we've known of each other since 2007 - but it took tumblr and a random message I sent one day for us to meet in person. He is the goofiest person I know and always makes me laugh. We play pokemon together over skype and make a million plans for the future. He's my golden boy and I'm glad I waited so long before I decided to give my heart out again.

Do you regret something?

It makes me sad to say that this section has been easy for me to fill out for the past few years but honestly I don't have any regrets for this year. It all happened the way it did to make me be in the head-space I currently am in - which is something I wouldn't change for the world!

Did your life change in 2011?

Oh yes, I started the year pretty much with no social life and staying home all the time or binge-drinking out at bars in williamsburg. Once I got a job at Buffalo Exchange I found my independence again, then Bryanties moved here and he sparked my musical inspiration with $hit Yeah Girl. The wife arrived soon after and we finally made one of our life goals complete - being room-mates! I quit/grew tired of bad habits I had been partaking in for years now [binge-drinking and serial dating] and started to mellow the fuck out and since then everything has been falling into place. I can finally see the goals I've wanted for years in the distant future. It's been an intense year that's for sure!

Did you find a new job?

Yes, I work Buffalo Exchange with the most fun co-workers ever!

Are you happy that 2011 is over soon?.

Yes, only because I can't wait to see what 2012 has for me - 2011 wasn't the worst though. 

Have you already made plans for traveling in 2012?

Yes! Nebraska and I are planning on going to Austin,TX for a little vacation, and I plan on going to Lincoln, NE to visit and for his sister's wedding - we're going to look so dapper together!

Best book you read in 2011?

The Hunger Games Trilogy!

Best films you saw in 2011?


Blue Valentine

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Like Crazy


5 Musicians you listened to in 2011 too much!

Lady Gaga [every year it seems]

Sufjan Stevens

Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton

Dead Man's Bones

Katy Perry

What were you doing at new years eve last year at 23.59?

Looked like this and went to a loft party and was super depressed.

How are you gonna celebrate new years this year?

I believe we are all going to go to Benzie's house and hanging out for the ball-drop and then who knows what?

What are you looking forward to in 2012?

Oh geez, so much. Hanging out with my friends here in Brooklyn, working on projects, finishing up zine ideas, reading loads of books and zines, Seeing Nebraska, going on trips, having visitors.

What do you want to change in 2012?
For plane tickets to not cost a million dollars..But I guess to continue to be more active - possibly become more active in the zine community.

What are you NOT looking forward to in 2012?
Potentially having to say goodbye to friends. 

Are you planning on having any kids in 2012?
Not on the agenda - unless it is a fur baby.

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