What Went Down.

So here is a little snap-shot of what I have been getting into the past two weeks. It's kind of empty because I was sick the week before and didn't go out at all. So it is mostly me just taking video when I am walking home or commuting. But this week I got out and got into some fun!

Here is what the last week looked photographically :

Monday I went out to dinner with my new friend Jason at this Italian restaurant that I had been meaning to go to for awhile every time I stopped by, we met after work and nommed it up!

On my walk home it was so gorgeous out and the moon has been very bright lately.

I like to peer into the other subway car when you are able to, I feel like a spy.

The wife made cupcakes and she traded me for one of the breakfast cookies I made this week.

The kitten managed to sneak into our room for a hot minute before I kicked him out.

This weeks laundromat tattoos, I wore my new vest and had my hair up in pincurls for later in the day.

Had my first visit at the Natural History Museum.

Went to one of my favorite restaurants in the city, but one that I can never afford to go to. Pure Food and Wine! Had their most deliciously rich raw lasagna!

Whooped some ass at Spin in Manhattan.

Karaoke with the kids @ Tacu Tacu. I sang INOJ's - Time after Time.

It got cold in the middle of the week and I pulled out all my fall items!

Hung out at the Empire Hotel in Manhattan, it is pretty gorgeous and I would highly recommend it to all of those traveling to NY anytime soon!

Took Jason shopping for some new looks for the upcoming fall season. It was fun being someone's personal shopper! We found a lot of good items on the cheaps!

For all my hard work I got treated to some delicious Hazelnut ice cream in the park.

Met up with Anthony for his last night in NY for some delicious sushi at Momo in Brooklyn. So delicious! We sat next to lovely couples as well who were very fun.

I know this is the worst picture, but I have been meaning to blog about the fact that this bartender at Union Pool is a bartender that used to work at the 331 in Minneapolis. We chatted it up before when it wasn't so busy and it was pretty neat. I always get excited about Minneapolis things still. I talked with some folks who came in yesterday from Minneapolis - I chatted their ear off for sure.

- - - - - - -

Pretty busy week, and exciting making new friends! Both of the books I ordered came in and I have been pretty inspired reading it on the subway. One bad thing happened this week - the Iphone that Mike gave me to replace my ipod that got lost in the mail decided to die so now I am back to being music-less again. Sad days - but not for long because this coming weekend I am going back to Philly!!! I have been talking about it all week! Other than that, might go see Drive this week with Jason and Shit Yeah Girl is getting more and more intense - I hope you guys are prepared to get your faces blown off at our show on the 16th!

Love yall!!!


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