What Went Down.

This week I took it easy, stayed inside and watched movies, cooked some vegan corn chowder, paid bills, worked on Shit Yeah Girl promo, and managed to go into work every day!

Here is what the week looked like photographically :

This weeks Laundromat-Tattoos!

Shit Yeah Girl's first official buttons. We made ribbons for our first show, but these little promo buttons are just dieing to be pinned onto your lapel!

I found this treasure on Friday @ Beacon's Closet. I had this exact same vintage bag in navy blue that I got in Florida back in 07. I used it until it's death, it has a million pockets and is the perfect size. I was so delighted to find it again, especially in this color that works perfect for my woodland creature theme. Also it was only $9 ! so stoked!

The L Train [my main train] is down for the next two weekends so I have to take alternate routes. Which means I get to take the M Train - which is a mostly above ground train. Last night when I was taking it back to Bushwick I decided that it was my favorite train because it reminds me of taking the Monorail @ Disney - and those are some of the few good memories I have of my family all together before my parents got divorced.

Finally got my South Dakota wine glasses back from Bay Ridge. Now I just need some wine to pour in them!

Pin-curled my hair on Wednesday so I wouldn't have to do it the rest of the week, and wore one of the new shirts I scored for cheaps at work.

Brought out the Spice Girls shirt for Friday shopping and errand running with the wifey.

Got excited about my hair being long when my old room-mates stopped by our new place and said that my hair has gotten a lot longer since we have been room-mates [one month] hah!

And lastly, I won this sweet game on Ebay for a steal of a deal! Guess who is going to owning all of your asses - taking over Middle-Earth...that's right - this one! Nerdcore Winter 2011 !

I plan on escaping house this week and getting out and hanging out with friends and trying to not cough in their face. I feel good - this stupid cough is still lingering though. Oh well! Also I'm going to Philly in two weeks!!!!! Super STOKED! Missed it to much - and taking the little asian girl along!


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