Style : Woodland Creature!

So as I mentioned earlier in the week I am mixing up my wardrobe for the upcoming fall/winter season. I was inspired by the way my unicorn dress looked on me with my foxy-copper hair color. It made me feel like I looked like some sort of woodland creature - and I really liked the change of pace from my usual minimal white/black and red look. So thus my fall trend was born.

I have been getting super amped up looking on websites and shopping at my store looking for colors I would normally pass by, and choosing accessories that I would normally not have a second glance at for myself. I made a few polyvore collections of the direction I would like to take below - and we made a little shopping detour yesterday to Forever 21 so I could try and find some of the items I picked out in my collages - I only ended up finding these cute bear socks and a lovely brownish-golden hued nail-polish but that's a start.

I will keep you guys updated on my new fall/winter transformation here like always - and I hope you enjoy the change-up as much as I already am!


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