Mobile Me.

So I realized the other day that I have a ton of pictures I haven't off-loaded onto my Flickr account for a few months now.

This was from the day that I got the job @ Buffalo Exchange.

Found this shirt at Buffalo and it was very relevant to something I was going through at the time.

When I first started at Buffalo I was still driving to work, before I couldn't deal with the traffic anymore. Most of these pictures are from when I would be sitting in traffic.

Stoop sitting in Williamsburg on my break.

It is pretty dark in our employee lounge, but this was my food once.

An outfit photo.

Coming home after a long day of work, for an ice cold alcoholic beverage.

I used to wear a flower in my hair everyday when I worked at the Lund's in Minneapolis.

I meant to send this photo to a friend. She had wanted this dress when I was working @ Macy's and then it appeared @ Buffalo a few years later.

Ben on a ball in our living room.

When I dyed my hair Magenta.

Rocking black lipstick.

This was a lazy friday after work I came home put in the netflix movie and ordered a pizza from domino's and ate the entire thing by myself.

On my break at work before I headed to Rebel Bingo later that night.

My first time wearing my overalls.

Nothing special, just looking like a dork.

First time wearing this American Apparel Romper.

My favorite summer dress makes its annual debut!

Channeling 'Judas' on what would be the beginning of my marriage with the subway system.

Day-drinking from a paperbag on the side of street before a meeting.

From the day I was wearing my 'Judas' inspired outfit, the ice-cream delivery guy gave me this pint for free which I sat under a tree and scarfed down.

Probably going to a picnic.

At El Beit enjoying a slice of banana bread and an iced chai tea after an early morning training at work.

Having breakfast at the bar in Blackbird on bedford.

Sporting my elephant bandana.

Making delicious cob salads is one of my specialities!

Casual day.

I am always getting these and Naked juices at work. This one has double rainbows in it!

Just hanging out waiting for the subway to come.

The most delicious cupcakes I've ever had from a place near my work. This was rhubarb and the other is peach pie!

I ate this entire thing on my break - cake batter ice cream too!

Laid back.

I have no idea where I am in this picture, but this outfit was inspired by someone who came into my work.

Red Hair and my last few hours before I left Philly to go back to NYC.

The line for the MegaBus in Philly.

Anytime we get anything from 'Opening Ceremony' in at the store I save it for Brit Brit.

Snagged this 'Sonic Youth' T for Benzie.

An 'Opening Ceremony' dress held up by Trihn!

Last week when I was doing all morning training sessions at work.

Picked up lunch at Urban Rustica the other day and saw this and it reminded me of Liz.

Our picnic this past Saturday.


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