My Week in Video.

This week I was visited by my step father and little brother Cole on Monday on their way to go to Connecticut for Cole to be dropped off for the summer, it had been almost exactly a year since I had seen them last. Bought clothes from work that I shouldn't have but I just couldn't live without. Katy Perry won out this week with most listened to on my lastfm, after I watched her video for her latest single 'Last Friday Night' I was kind of hooked and needed to get both of her albums. Sadly I left my ipod in Philly but it is getting back to me this week, I am lonely without my music during my two hours worth of commute to and from work each day. Mika came in 2nd place after I watched a few of his videos and thought I would possibly like his albums. In Philly I discovered they had lightening bugs [something I hadn't seen since chicago-times], had the most deelish faux buffalo chicken and pitchers of margarita's, danced to "getting jiggy with it" at the Barbary and walked around and found an amazing thrift store where I scored these cat bed-sheets [btw: not a cat person but I really liked the design on these (will take a pic after I wash them)], The Devil Wears Prada for 99cents to read on my commute to work, a bathing suit from JCrew, and a pretty sweater from H&M for next winter all for $11 I was pretty happy about it. Hung out with my boy Kish before I left Philly where we dined in Manhattan on yummy vegan sandwiches and then had beer o'clock around 1pm before I got on the megabus of doom - which although worth it, at the time made me wish I was still getting boozed up with Kish. Was blogged about over on SoftSpoken about style, it took me awhile to finally do it but it was fun to do the lil interview! Came back home on Friday and had a double-feature thanks to netflix and watched 'Rabbit Hole' and 'Where the Heart is" before passing out. Next week, I don't have nearly as much planned - which is good I have had an idea running around in my head for a new zine lately, but the summer weather just makes me want to go out and play every day I have off it's hard to be productive with this weather!


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