Make Music Monday

Today's MMM was spawned by randomly singing the Pokemon theme to my room-mates last night after a couple drinks in after work. I made this video after they headed off to sleep, although I must admit that the A Cappella version that I sang for them was a lot more intense, this was a subdued lullaby version.

Anyone who knew me between the ages of 13-15 knew that I was kind of obsessed with Pokemon. Admittedly my brother had got me into the games, we both had our own gameboys and he had the Red game and I had the blue and we would build up our characters and vs each other. We played the Pokemon card games, and watched the show religiously. I also believe that we were one of the few nerds in our small town who went to see the movie at our little dinky theater where I definitely cried when Pikachu was trying to make ash come back to life. I had the movie poster on my wall, stuffed animals and all sorts of Pokemon things, one of which included the soundtrack to the show. I still actually own the cd hah, but I could sing the entire song by heart, and at one point I could sing the song that named all 150 [151 if you counted mew back then (majorrrrrr nerd points)] I took my obsession as far as it could go.

The song was recently played when I was at a Rebel Bingo Party recently and I kind of freaked out, but in all reality the old Pokemon swag is getting a bit of a revival now, even though they still make new games. It is kind of fun to have something from my childhood already making a comeback, I am all for nostalgia.

Thanks for letting me indulge in a bit of my past, was anyone else out there into Pokemon?


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