Dudes, get ready for some outfit/style intensity. I have absolutely not had any time to update this pretty little blog. But I have still been taking pictures and documenting my outfits. For those who don't know. I landed the job at Buffalo Exchange!!! So syked! I worked wed-Friday and I have had a bit of a cold so after work I generally pass the fuck out, so I haven't been able to get to the blog. But now you get a Saturday morning catch-up! Exciting stuff!

So this is the outfit I wore for my last interview, which turned into my first day of work. My only wish was that I wasn't wearing my platforms because that didn't feel too nice after being on my feet for 7+hours. It's weird I have worked jobs where I have been on my feet the entire time for every year for the past 8 years with the exception of this past year. So now I have to get to building up my tolerance again.

[peeping the trash that needs to be taken out!]

2nd Day of work. I decided to bring back the pineapple-head hair-do. Because it is easy, and I also had to go to school early in the day to hopefully work some things out. I won't know about school until a few weeks for certain it is all depending on the financial aid now. boooo

[day two of the trash not being taken out...]

Friday outfit. This outfit was a combo of the fact I knew I had to be in early but was exhausted from my cold, so I just pig-tailed it up and threw on something comfortable. I wore shorts underneath this as well btw.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I decided that this post was too loaded with pictures as well, so I will put my style inspiration that I have been hoarding all week into it's own post. see ya soon!


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