On the Zine Scene!

A 'lite' version for this weeks 'On the Zine Scene'. 

Julia Gfrörer creates the most wonderfully addicting dark comic tales. They're often painfully short, but in a way that the mystery of what you don't know in a Raymond Carver story makes it better than other stories. This one is a story of a relationship's deterioration and a mystery shadow side. The sex, darkness, coy humor, and fairy tale elements that make Ms Gfrörer so sought after are all present in this haunting outing. 32 pages, half-letter size, beautifully silkscreened covers.

[24 pages]

I created this quarter-sized zine for 24 Hour Zine Thing. My zine goal, as can be found on the website's participants' page: "To finish my first solo zine. Will probably be a quarter size zine focusing on how I used to be Roman Catholic but have since moved far, far away from all that."

Some parts blasphemous and other parts soul-searching, this zine is a partial chronicle of my relationship with religion and how being a lesbian and a feminist affected this part of my life.

The TOY CAMERA is a 1/4 size, 30 page zine. It contains information about toy cams in general and some info on the Holga specifically.

Inside you'll also find 24 photo projects, tips and tricks for using the Holga, Holga basics, information on color and color cast (of light), info on focus and exposure, film speeds, and some sample images.

Sample projects include:
The Amelie Factor, From the Hip, Portraits, Food Photography, Self Documentation, Street Photography, Collage/Montage.

There are also tips on keeping a photography sketchbook!

This is version 2 of Toy Camera. It contains an additional 10 more pages and 15 more photo projects to get your creative juices flowing. The cover is cardstock, and the guts are linen resume paper.

This zine is hand bound and sewn. The thread colors and cover colors vary.


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