I wore this out to go to school to fill out paperwork. Yup, I said 'go to school' kind of super neat! I found out that all of my tuition is covered for the next year with grants, but I have to wait to find out out if I got any scholarships and how much I can get for housing, so that will be in the coming months! Either way it is soooo exciting and I am happy that everything worked out!

I was originally wearing this outfit with these yellow tights, but then I didn't like that the yellow wasn't close to the shade of the other two yellow items so I switched to the below outfit change instead.

I wanted to wear something bright and colorful because Ben and I were meeting up with Brit Brit in Williamsburg so she could trade in some clothes to Buffalo Exchange. Which was a little weird since I was waiting to hear back from them about getting a 3rd interview and some of the ladies in there commented on my outfit which was fun. Then we headed off to this Mexican restaurant where we had some powerful cinco de mayo-centric beverages and nachos. While we were in there the ladies from Buffalo Exchange called me and were like 'we just saw you in here but we were curious if you would come in next week for your 3rd interview'!!!!! I was soooooo thrilled. I had thought that they were blowing me off because I was supposedly supposed to hear from them in the beginning of the week. If I get the job I am going to be on cloud 9, because things have not been working out for me, and this would be two things I have been fiending for that would work out! <3 ! We had drinks and fun after that, sang Katy Perry's 'Fireworks' at this karaoke bar and then headed home around 10, where I had my homeboy kish come and meet me in Bay Ridge to go out to this ridiculous club here [I also made another outfit change which I didn't document] and that ended up being lame so we went to this bar 'The Wicked Monk' which was blasting club music and just danced together and acted retarded and made the best of an awkward bay ridge situation. Either way it was a great day! 

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 : Style Inspiration : 

 [there will be a lot, because I haven't been posting outfit pictures this week!]

[I need those shoes!]

[I need capes in my life as well]

[I have those shorts on the right, now I just need the top]


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