My Week in Video.

This video is a very accurate account of my week. Driving a lot to and from work it was really rainy and crappy all week and when it wasn't I would take advantage on my break and sit on a stoop on bedford ave in williamsburg and eat my lunch. Went to the Underground Rebel Bingo Club on Saturday and it was 'Rapture' themed which was incredible. Was kind of bummed that everyone's plans fell through at the last minute and I had to go by myself, but I ended up having the most epic time so it worked out well and I made some new friends. Got my first pay-check from Buffalo Exchange and was very pleased I feel like I get paid accurately for the position I am doing, when in any other retail position I always felt like I was just getting walked all over [cough-macy's-cough]. Started listening to the new Gaga album and it is a lot different from the last album, but I must say that 'Judas' is still pretty great, I will see if some of the other songs come around. Finally was able to veg out on Friday night and watched 'The Kids are All Right' and ate an entire pizza by myself [whoops, it was a medium is that okay?], that just means I will have to get back on track with going to the gym again.


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