Make Music Monday

So this week I present you with this video of me singing my song 'Doctor'. Someone recently asked me if I had any videos with any of my new music up, and I thought I had posted this video months ago when I had originally made it but I guess I didn't.

This song is still my favorite song that I have made in my time here in New York. The recorded version sounds much more epic with the backing tracks and such but this song was a really emotional one for me when it came crawling out. I wrote it when I was going through a lot of the garbage that I was dealing with when I first moved to New York but at the point where I could finally see some hope at the end of it all.

For this week's playlist, I send you away with a classic 50s dance party mix to brighten/lighten the mood a bit, plus I have been listening to this mix whenever I've had a chance!


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