Make Music Monday

For this week's Make Music Monday, I am throwing down with this sweet cover for you all.

I have been on a Weezer kick again, I mean frankly it never stops but my favorite songs change and then I become obsessed again. I would play 'The Good Life' almost every single morning when I first moved to New York to put me in a good mood. But I have to admit that I still listen to 'Sheezer's' version of 'El Scorcho' waaaay too much still. What is not to love about Weezer, they are always so much fun, and everyone knows at least one Weezer song and you can all scream it from the top of your lungs while on road-trips or at karaoke bars.

The first time I ever got into Weezer was with 'Buddy Holly' my best friend and I used to go to downtown orlando to city walk and they would play it on this huge screen down there and we would finish playing marathon games of DDR and then use all of our endless teenage energy and just go completely insane dancing to it, usually complete with kicking off one or more of our shoes during the performance.

This week's playlist is just a tribute to Weezer! Enjoy!

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