On the Zine Scene!

Here is this weeks round-up of amazing zines courtesy of etsy! 

This is a personal zine (perzine) and is a chronicle of my life around the topic of mail. It is entirely hand-written and illustrated, and includes discussion of having pen pals, working in a mailroom at college, and much more!

This zine is 5.5 x 7.5 inches and 24 pages long, printed in black and white

Silly and sincere graphs of different things that happen and are discovered and recorded from everyday life. It is important to break down the types of birds in the city into a pie chart (pigeons win by the way), or an x,y graph of the consistence of the apple juice stain on my shirt etc. Very important.

20 printed pages (plus the cover). In every copy there is a different hand-drawn/personalised graph that is done just for that one.

Do not scale to fit features 10 original illustrations plus a fold out A4 poster

Black and white copies, 12 pages, A6 in size

Welcome to the Dark Side of the Building!

This 14 page zine will give any aspiring dumpster diver the knowledge needed to jump right in. It covers:

+ Tools of the Trade
+ Rules to Dive By
+ Tips on where and when to dive

Plus a great essay on the essentials of Freeganism and WAY MORE. 

(This edition also features a machine stitched binding and a hand colored cover!)

Okay, I admit it. I am a horrible speller. This can be a problem and at times it has gotten me into crazy kinds of trouble. In this zine i've written about these small disasters and also about some of the places i've seen bad spelling as a posititve. 

Pick up this zine... and a red pen... and enjoy!

Typewritten and B&W copied
16 pages, 11cm x 15cm.

This suitably tiny zine (24 pages, 1/8th size, or 2.75″ x 4.25″ closed) is all about bento lunches–their benefits, how to select a bento, and what to put inside it. It’s the first zine I’ve ever illustrated myself, and the first 24 Hour Zine I’ve ever made.

If you'e vegetarian or vegan you're probably used to meat-eaters asking you "How do you get your protein?". Sick and tired of rattling off a list of veg foods, then you need "How I Get My Protein: A List of Meat-Free Protein Sources"!

This adorable pocket-sized book measures 3 x 1 7/8 inches and contains a short list of meat-free protein sources, the amount of protein per serving, and % daily value.

Also included is information on how much protein the average person needs each day, and a list of resources on vegetarian and vegan nutrition. 

This book has a bright yellow paper cover with a picture of a bowl of spaghetti on the front. It was handsewn with black cotton thread.

The small size of this book allows you to carry it with you wherever you go. The next time someone asks you "How do you get your protein?", suppress the urge to strangle them by handing them this cute little book! Who knows, maybe it will inspire them to go veg...

One night before school I couldn't sleep and I thought of making a bicycle zine. I've been cycling more than usual the past month and could think of nothing but bicycles. 

The gist:
-18 page Picture Zine for your viewing or to color in!
-contains 16 different line drawings of bicycles
-includes 1-page on the benefits of cycling, both for you and the environment
-all drawings were done by me using a fine black pen before I scanned them in
-Full-color cover in glossy 260 gsm Artcard.
-Cover comes in 2 colors - Yellow or Dark Grey (just like the road!) and will be given at random

A6 version about 14 copies.
1/4-sized, landscape


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