Etsy Favorites!

[This is something I want but am not willing to pay $110 for. I would love to try it on at a store to see what it is made of]

[I think I posted a varation of this dress when I first started 'etsy favorites' but this dress is so hot]

[I love everything about this, the fact that it is made from an old T-shirt, the cut, how bad-ass it is styled in this shoot. neeeed!]

[It is accessories like this that make me want a million button up T-shirts.]

[I love high-waisted pretty much everything now-a-days but this is just a beautiful bathing suit.]

[Another Pretty print that I want to add to my collection of wall art to be hung in my new place] [absolutely can not wait until I have my own room again...can't wait!]

[My love for clouds never dies!]

[I would really love to build a collection of simple white mugs with hand drawn images on them, or interesting images like this]


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