Etsy Favorites!

[I am kind of really into pasties right now, I have never owned a pair and wouldn't know how they would look with my set but I really like the look of them peeking through something translucent.]

[I love collars as accessories, the only ones I have are made of rabbit fur from this lady in Chicago who gifted me them many moons ago. But I love this simple one from the lovely 'Softspoken']

[This is the coolest Iphone case I have ever seen, I will never be able to afford an Iphone 4 but if I did I would get this case for it, it's only $34 as well, freaking cheap!]

[I need these white boots in my life!]

[I love this idea so much, because I am constantly having to make my own templates for simple everyday things when I want to custom make something, I like that you can have a sturdy version like this readily available.]

[The cutest Onesie ever, and you can choose a custom color for it which makes it even better]

[I love the twin motif, I have this amazing print from Phil Noto that is of twins much sassier than 'Jenny' but I like the simple design of this card]


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