Etsy Favorites!

[every time I out and end up meeting someone and telling them about this here website I don't have a card or anything to give them to tell them about it, I have been looking up ideas lately, this just came up in the search and I had a love attack over it. how adorable!]

[So the song 'Fox in the snow' by Belle & Sebastian, is one of my fav songs of theirs and of all time on I have also been looking for little list notebooks lately to add to my arsenal and I came upon this and although it is too big for what I am currently looking for I couldn't pass this up!]

[You can never have enough stationery supplies when you have amazing penpals like I do. These cute notecards fill my rainbow-themed heart with love]

[I have a huge collection of postcards my bff gave me from Moma that I have been going through for the past few months. I like to keep them in my purse and pull one out whenever I have a few minutes if I am waiting somewhere to write a quick note to a friend and drop it in the nearest mailbox which usually isn't too far away here in NY]

[So I have always been partial to rounded corners when it comes to business cards, and currently I am thinking of this signature red for my potential new cards to promote Jemibook. With a custom-stamp and maybe some gold stickers?!]

[Ever since I got my new and improved big purse I have been thinking about pouches and stuff I can keep inside to keep all of my 'things' organized and saving it from becoming a big bag of doom (an aside: I already am putting into works to stop using my room-mates Huge DSLR and going back to a sleak and sexy Canon Point-and-shoot, I have my eyes on this sexy minx-that shoots HD videos has 12mp and a touch screen, now to only find a good deal on ebay!)]

[Tea Towels hold a special place in my heart, I am the kind of lady who doesn't buy paper-towels so I am constantly using the tea-towels in our house and I came across these and thought of a friend who might like these]


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