My Week in Video.

There was a lot going on this week, from job-shopping to Flight of the Conchords sing-along parties, eating lots of delicious foods out in the unseasonably warm weather we were having, shopping in williamsburg on a VERY windy Saturday morning I found some great finds like this astrology book for birthdays and a lunch-bag that looks like a photography camera bag and this amazing mixed tape with the cutest handmade cover and zine-like insert! Photobooth pictures and fake-meat-sticks deliciousness, late night cupcake runs and way too much Grey's Anatomy on netflix. Re-watched 'Secretary' for the millionth time and 'Up!' and saw 'What we do is secret' [ I have really been into this type of movie lately, if you like 'The Germs' I would recommend!]. Went to see my friend's band 'Canary in the Coalmine' @ Roots Cafe and fell in love with this song from Bright Eyes' new album. Finished probably my most favorite story for the new zine which mixes a date gone wrong with some 'Christmas Story' humor and started brainstorming ideas for my next music video for the new album I am working on finishing after the zine pack is done done done!

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What did you guys get into this week?


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