My Week in Video.

This week turned out to be very intense. It was the first time in a long time where I didn't get a lot of sleep and it caught up with me by Saturday. My new bed/futon came and I found out that it was not meant for sleeping on. I got my Tax-Return monies and promptly bought a mattress to go on top and found a great deal for a small dresser as well in the As-Is section. LOVE Ikea! I made Vegan Almond cupcakes with maple cream cheese frosting that were gobbled up by friday. Made a mix about a 1956 couple who dies in a car-crash, and kind of had it and Dead Man's Bones on repeat ALL week long [still sooooooo obsessed!]. Planned to go see 'Woods' on Friday but thanks to our crappy old landlord those plans were foiled but yummy Vegan Asian dinner and HUGE Budweisers in Styrofoam cups replaced the night. The weather was all over the place, from snow, to freezing rain, to warm sunny days. Re-watched 'Going the Distance' and 'Moulin Rouge'. Worked on the zine-pack like crazy, bought the condoms and lube from, more feathers and red vellum, it's all coming together! A friend from Minneapolis moved into our old place. Went to an art show for a friend in my old neighborhood. Started reading 'Scott Pilgrim'and got a great new zine called 'Life, Death, Love & All of the above'. Went to my first superbowl party in years and watched the 'puppy-bowl' and had my very first Budweiser 40oz it was quite intense.

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What did you guys get into this week?


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