My Last Decade of Style [Part 2]


I fininshed my second semester of school and moved to Jacksonville in the middle of the year. In the beginning of the year I became obsessed with 1920s fashion and would go to this amazing lady named 'Marilyn' to get my hair done in fingerwaves for $20 every weekend. For my birthday I made my dress, wore a blue wig I bought off of ebay and went out to my favorite gothic club in Jacksonville. I wasn't very girly this year until towards the end, and wore flats 99% of the time. Got a tattoo and my nose pierced twice, which both I ended up having to take out. Went from brown to blonde, to red, to blue-black to brown all throughout the year, got weave and bought new black wigs. Made clothes from vintage patterns, and altered vintage dresses for new uses.


I almost made it one year with one hair color, but switched it up to black at the very end. I started off the year in heels and continued right on through. This year I went girly 100% with a vintage touch here and there. Glamour and bold colors and accessories where starting to make there claims as staples in my wardrobe. I finally let my hair grow out longer than it had been since I was in middle school. I went thrift shopping nearly every week [florida has the best thrift stores] and then when I moved from Jacksonville to Minneapolis I started working @ Macy's so I always had clothes at my disposal!


The long hair lasted about halfway into the new year before I decided I wanted a Clara Bow cut. I got the best haircut of my life from Becca and got the most compliments of my life on it. It shined for a few months until I decided that I wanted to go from jet black to platinum blonde which I kept throughout the rest of the year [it was high maintenance I wanted to make it worth it]. Black and White with Red Accented outfits seemed to be the constant color theme I went for almost every time I went to dress myself this year. When I went shopping I only went where I saw red, unless I was thrift shopping then I would find some signature curve-hugging dresses and skirts that were must-haves! Girly-styles still reigned supreme with a bit of glamour/theatrical/and sometimes gothic twist on it.


This year started off with pink hair and then bled into red for the rest of the year. This was the first year that I decided that I wanted to stick with the black and white with red and gold accents for my wardrobe. After moving from Minneapolis to New York I decided that white socks would be part of my signature day style. Continued to grow out my hair and sport Bettie Bangs. 


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