Etsy Favorites!

[I would so still wear this even though I no longer live there. MN <3 4eva!]

[There is something about this type of earring that always makes my eyes light up]

[I love babydoll style dresses, especially with a pair of tights or white socks and maryjanes!]

[I can't resist a well tailored dress, especially with a vintage cut like this]

[Who doesn't love to drink in style?]

[I swear I am treating myself to a fabulous back-to-school bag like this in the fall!]

[With a pair of gorgeous cat-eye glasses like this you turn every outfit into fabulous.]

[I love the idea of lingerie wrapping you up like a present.]

[I have a weakness for all things green-tea/matcha flavored this wins my approval!]

[Too late! My group in MN were all going to make our own onesies for a 'furry party' we wanted to have, it never happened, but maybe one day we can all meet-up and have a furry 'reunion' party?]


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