Make Music Monday!

This weeks song had been floating around in my mind since 2007 and I was just able to get it out now. I wrote another variation of this song in 2007 that was about the same sort of heart-break but in a more bitter sort of way. This version is about coming to grips with the finality of a break-up and questioning if it was the right choice or not. This is a rough cut of it.

It was hard for me to admit defeat.

To give up on something that felt so concrete.
Some days I think we could start over a-new
Work on those parts of me that fit with parts of you.

Each day that passes by
When I'm not with you
I hope you see the mistake we've made
and want to come back to

Sometimes I see you on the street
We pretend there's nothing where we used to be

This week's playlist is a collection of epic songs that I have collected over the years. I can and will listen to these songs 5 times in a row. I especially have a weakness for sad piano ballad's or acoustic versions of songs.

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